Joel L. Roskind, MD, FACS


From his very first days as an intern, Dr. Joel Roskind believed that good medical care must be patient oriented. Joel Roskind believes that because patients put so much trust into the ability of doctors, that doctors have a special obligation to make sure that the patients get the best possible care in the safest possible environment.


During his 30-year career as a surgeon and teacher, Dr. Joel Roskind developed areas of interest which enabled him to make even broader and more comprehensive contributions to patient wellbeing. One of those special interests is that of operating room safety inspector and patient safety advocate.. As a practicing surgeon, Dr. Roskind experienced first hand the massive changes sweeping through the healthcare industry. Medical costs were skyrocketing and insurance companies were balking at paying for hospital based procedures and visits. As a result, there was an explosion of medical/surgical procedures being performed outside the hospital. These new procedure oriented venues included doctors’ offices themselves, and a new entity - the non hospital affiliated free standing ambulatory surgical center. Seeing this trend and realizing the implications for patients, Dr. Roskind pursued his interest in this emerging arena. Thus, in addition to and contemporaneous with his activities as a board certified plastic surgeon in private practice, Dr. Joel Roskind worked with the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities(AAAASF, or quad A) as a Facility Inspector. He was tasked with examining these free standing ambulatory surgical facilities to assure 100% compliance with the rigid safety criteria established by the quad A. The quad A quickly became the gold standard for certification of these facilities. Other less stringent certifying organizations were and still are available to grant accreditation. But these other groups require only partial (for example 80%) compliance, and to lesser standards than those of the AAAASF. Soon, many states fell in line and required their ambulatory facilities to adhere either to their own boards of health standards, or to those of the quad A. In fact, the quad A has been and still is instrumental in developing and updating these standards for the various states. Now, most major health care insurers insist on these facilities being 100% certified, and condition their coverage of services provided based on this certification. Dr. Roskind did this work because he believed strongly that patients needed to be protected by stringent standards.


Today, as a dedicated physician and plastic surgeon retired from private practice, Dr. Roskind has succeeded in turning his interest in patient safety in the operating room environment into an additional aspect of the issue. Dr. Joel Roskind works as a consultant to physicians and surgeons helping them prepare their ambulatory surgical facilities for certification.

Another area of Dr. Roskind’s interest comes from his 30 years of experience in running his large and successful practice.This aspect of Doctor Roskind’s expertise has developed into a field now called practice management. This includes topics such as how to hire and train staff, set up electronic management systems, how to prevent errors,and most importantly how
to deal most effectively with patients. A well run medical practice benefits all who are affected by that practice. Doctor Roskind acts as a consultant to other physicians, and shares his knowledge and expertise with those who seek his help and advice in setting up their practice to be efficient and successful.

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